How do I set boundaries with my baby?

It recently came to my attention that a young couple with a newborn baby were at odds about how to deal with the baby’s crying and fussing.  The father thought that the mother was “spoiling the baby”. The mother said that she believed that attending to the baby when it cried was not spoiling.  I …

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Why children are crappy interpreters of what they see

Children are wonderful observers of everything in their environment however, the’re pretty lousy interpreters.  They don’t have enough life experience to accurately interpret all that they see. Consequently, they often misunderstand the meaning of things.  This leads to mistaken beliefs about themselves and others.

Why you should stay away from trying to make things “fair”

Parents often make themselves crazy trying to make things equal among their children. They are afraid that if something is not “equal” it will be perceived as favoritism.   Most parents strive very hard not to show favoritism to any of their children. The problem is that favoritism is in the eye of the beholder. What is fair to one person may not seem fair to another.